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About Grüneberg and Myers


Robust patent strategy from focused, experienced attorneys

Patent law is an ever-changing field. New legal developments about patentability, new procedural developments at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in U.S. courts, and new economic and business considerations continually threaten the status quo. Patent applicants, patent owners, and other participants in industry should seek patent lawyers that will attend to their evolving needs.

At Grüneberg and Myers, we feel these concerns. That's why we have assembled a team of experienced professionals within a nimbly-built law firm.

Each of our professionals has been prosecuting patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for years or even decades. Our team members also variously have backgrounds that include litigation, post-grant proceedings, mergers & acquisitions, freedom-to-operate opinions, and counseling. To apply this expertise in a context that best serves our clients, we have prepared our practice to operate as efficiently as possible, minimizing internal bureaucracy and expenses. This approach frees us from worrying about intra-firm matters and major ongoing obligations, to give our full attention to our clients' questions and problems. For each application and each opinion, we can take the time to fully dive into the technology and the legal concerns, in order to advise clients on the highest levels. Our economical underpinnings also enable us to provide reasonable and competitive pricing.

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The Grüneberg and Myers firm joins a variety of tech companies and forward-thinking corporations in Tysons, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C.

Our offices are on the fifth floor of a recently-constructed building at 1775 Tysons Boulevard. There, Grüneberg and Myers sits only a short walk from the Tysons Corner station on the Washington Metro, and conveniently on the route between downtown D.C. and Dulles International Airport. See our location or let us give you directions.

We welcome visitors and encourage you to let us know if you will be in our area.

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Trainee Program

Grüneberg and Myers PLLC believes in forging long-term relationships to enhance the intellectual property services we provide to our clients. With our international clients in mind, Grüneberg and Myers PLLC offers a trainee program designed to:

  • Expose trainees to U.S. patent law and patent practice;
  • Broaden our trainees’ exposure to our office practices;
  • Observe valuable examiner interviews;
  • Support preparation for the U.S. patent bar exam;
  • Provide the opportunity to expand their English language skills; and
  • Connect trainees with Americans and their society and culture.

In their time in the trainee program, trainees experience the practical aspects of U.S. patent application preparation, prosecution, and enforcement issues. Trainees enhance their U.S. patent law skills and expertise through participation in a structured and guided training-based program.

Personalized Goals

The trainee program is geared toward the interests and goals of the individual trainees. Trainees have the opportunity to participate in lectures on various topics relating to U.S. patent practice, engage in discussions relating to law firm operations, and experience life in America first hand. Dr. Chinn is the director of our trainee program.

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Grüneberg and Myers is a 100% female- and minority-owned boutique patent law firm.

At Grüneberg and Myers, we believe that advocacy is best when it considers the issues from all angles. We therefore provide a team of professionals that can bring diverse perspectives to our practice. These perspectives provide a broad foundation for addressing clients' patent-related needs.

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