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Intellectual Property Specialists

Intellectual Property Specialists

The Grüneberg and Myers team is fortunate to include highly-experienced and deeply knowledgeable specialists in the administration of intellectual property legal practice.


Malika Ash Shakur

Malika Ash Shakur has been specializing in intellectual property law since 2003. She has extensive knowledge and experience in domestic patent prosecution, including the filing of hundreds of U.S. and international PCT applications. She previously oversaw a team of about a dozen people responsible for preparing and filing U.S. National Stage applications. Ms. Ash Shakur also has many years of experience coordinating with foreign associates to manage patent portfolios outside of the U.S. She has worked at large and small patent firms that supported many different clients in fields including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and electrical and mechanical engineering.


W. Michael Buck

Michael Buck’s work in patent prosecution spans nearly 18 years, including 12 years serving as an assistant supervisor to a group of over seventy formalities specialists in a large patent firm. Mr. Buck brings a valuable breadth and depth of knowledge to the firm, and is comfortable researching and working with various professionals and the staff of the USPTO to proactively resolve problems which sometimes arise during pendency. Mr. Buck’s experience has helped to establish best practices and to streamline the efficient preparation and processing of filings as well as maintaining effective and timely communications with our clients.


Nancy Riley

For nearly 30 years, Nancy Riley has worked at intellectual property law firms, serving the needs of large corporations in all technical fields: telecommunications, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and others. Ms. Riley readily navigates U.S. National Stage requirements, formalities requirements under the America Invents Act (AIA), and all aspects of patent prosecution, from docketing through patent grant. She has managed a staff of about 50 individuals, supervising an entire operation to efficiently handle U.S. patent application filings with a high degree of accuracy and care.