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Dr. Grüneberg to present at the Tegernsee IP Conference on Patents in the Age of Digitization, June 7-8

ROTTACH-EGERN, Germany (January 31, 2018) – On June 7-8, 2018, Dr. Kirsten Grüneberg, co-founding partner of the Grüneberg and Myers firm, will appear at the Tegernsee IP Conference on Patents in the Age of Digitization at the Park-Hotel Egerner Höfe.

As digitization impacts industries worldwide, companies must reconsider and often adapt their technologies and business models. To stay ahead of the competition and minimize risks of liability, innovators in the twenty-first century must develop intellectual property strategies that capitalize on the global and digital aspects of today’s world.

The Tegernsee IP Conference will examine many of the opportunities that have emerged for mid-sized companies to take full advantage of the IP landscape. The discussion will include insights from Dr. Grüneberg and her counterparts at the Maiwald patent firm in Europe, the PATEV patent firm in Europe, and other colleagues in academic and in-house positions. Dr. Grüneberg will particularly present on managing transatlantic dangers and risks with products and property rights, and other notable topics include developing entrepreneurial IP strategies, recognizing future competitors, and protecting brands and designs internationally.

Registrations for the conference can be sent to The number of participants is limited.

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