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Patent Public Advisory Committee Issues 2018 Annual Report

In their 2018 Annual Report, the Patent Public Advisory Committee recommended that the USPTO 1) proceed with fee adjustments and manage expenditures and collections to significantly increase operating reserve to $747 million equivalent to at least three months of operating requirements; 2) invest and modernize IT systems; 3) maintain and update current patent quality metrics so as to be fully transparent, enhance examiner search capabilities and track the costs of quality-related projects for community discussion; 4) publish a timeline for meeting guarantees of the AIPA of 1999 promoting USPTO accountability, oversight and improving USPTO perception to the community and public; 5) study whether jurisdiction of intellectual property for plants be solely within the USPTO and the with the Department of Agriculture; and 6) maintain independent control over management and operations of USPTO HR and not to divert user fees to the Dept. of Commerce’s Enterprise Service organization.

Richard Chinn