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Law360 Quotes Dr. Grüneberg on Benefits of Small, Experienced Patent Firms

Patent applicants increasingly seek the high-level expertise, direct attorney attention, and reasonable fees that smaller patent law firms can provide, noted Dr. Grüneberg in an article in Law360 this week.

“Clients want to move away from large law firms where cases are not always handled by the same person.... They want a dedicated attorney on their matters,” Grüneberg remarked, further commenting on patent applicants’ desire for leaner, more efficient representation.

The article noted Dr. Grüneberg and the Grüneberg and Myers firm alongside other patent firms, such as Shami Messinger PLLC and XSensus LLP, which have been newly formed in the past year by attorneys from larger patent boutiques. A Shami Messinger partner observed, as quoted in the article, that “...companies are saying, ‘It’s not just about the budget, it's about the actual quality of the work.’” Law360 further noted that the tides are shifting for prosecution at larger litigation-focused firms, one of which admitted that its structure “is just wrong for patent prosecution.”

At the same time, the article mentioned that applications and issued patents can face a host of issues related to patent eligibility and inter partes review, which the new set of smaller firms handles by deploying experienced attorneys on patent prosecution work. “You know what can happen when a patent issues, which gives you an idea of what you should do in prosecution,” Dr. Grüneberg noted in the article.

Launched in September 2017, Grüneberg and Myers PLLC is a 100 percent female- and minority-owned international patent firm. With a broad and sophisticated practice, the firm provides a full range of patent support services, including patent prosecution, counseling, post-grant representation, and M&A due diligence to meet the growing and diverse needs of U.S.-based, European, and Asian companies, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

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